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The Turkish Delight Collection
The Turkish Delight Collection

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Pixxxie Pie & Posie Presents the The Turkish Delight Collection - Sampler 9 Pack! This fantabulously charming sampler 9-pack of perfume/cologne oils comes to you tucked lovingly inside a several parchment paper envelopes of my own design & consists of an array of Pixxxie Pie & Posie's fruity-sweet aroma blends=)!! Scroll down the page to see all the details!
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Pixxxie Pie & Posie Presents the The Turkish Delight Collection - Sampler 9 Pack! This magnificently charming sampler 9-pack of perfume/cologne oils comes to you tucked lovingly inside several parchment paper gift envelopes & consists of an array of Pixxxie Pie & Posie's more fruity-sweet aroma blends=)!! 

The delightful aromas included in this nest of goodies have that signature "green" sensuality that you've come to love and adore from Pixxxie Pie & Posie. They employ the perfect balance of natural elements, which means the sweet and fruity aspects of an aroma blend are never overpowering or cloying in their sweetness (as is the common downfall of many a fruity/floral perfume; i.e. "Granny" perfumes of yesteryear).

Fresh, vibrant and long lasting, you can try a different blend every day and they make a great addition to your after-bath routine. Full of a beguiling and exotic charm seldom seen in this day and age of heavy synthetic perfumes and such, this sampler pack is a great gift to give to yourself of someone near and dear to you. 


----Sugar Plum Fairie – (primary notes: plum, yuzu, chamomile)
Sugar Plum Fairie is a cheerful, beguiling blend of effervescent sweetness. Reminiscent of ripe fruits in summer, there’s a mildly citrus zing that seems to lightly frost the aroma like old-world icing. Euphoric and effortlessly bright, a touch of Chamomile ties it all together with soothing ribbons of green.

----Laudanum - (primary notes: apricot, fig, ivy)
Laudanum is a small touch fruity, green as the first spring grasses and lightly sweet in all the right ways. A bouquet of sliced apricots and figs reveal a freshness that’s underpinned by the lush green of forest vines and other wild flora.

----Fooly Cooly – (primary notes: cherry blossom & green grass)
Fooly Cooly is deliriously sassy, fruity and bold. Then to top it all off she’s shamelessly flirty to boot. Sweet with a green edge, this little cherry bomb of an aroma is light and wickedly fun all year round.

----Swan Bow & Foxglove – (primary notes: currants, peaches, wild woods)
Wonderfully unusual, Swan Bow & Foxglove holds an arboreal, day-dreamy sweetness about it that gives us flashes of imagery in delicate waves: bright snow upon loamy earth, crushed twigs beneath a high-laced boot, currants and evergreens, a peppered peach Lambic served cold next to a roaring fire.

----The Weirding Way – (primary notes: pear glace and vine)
The Weirding Way is diaphanous, fruity and lightly sweet. Wild vines and ivy entwine a core that brings to mind orchards filled with ripe green Anjou Pears.

----Miette – (primary notes: honeydew & green grass)
Fresh cut honeydew melon imparts an aroma that is light, sweet, comforting and cooling. Outlined in a fringe of tall green grass, this scent is layered and relaxing.

----Hester Prynne’s Lot(primary notes: wild summer watermelon)
Hester Prynne’s Lot is whimsical, sweet and dazzling fruity. High green notes blend with the undeniably fresh sweetness of wild watermelons to interpret the aroma of long summer days filled to brimming with mischief and mirth.

----Blue Velvet – (primary notes: wild blueberry & violet)
Blue Velvet is darkly lustrous stuff, its fruity sweetness subdued and transformed by a heavy pressing of sensual violets. Notes of musk and wild green things move in shadows at her edges, creating a labyrinth of complexity that evolves upon the skin with the passing of the hours.

----Barbarella – (primary notes: coconut pina colada)
Adventurous and exquisitely fearless, Barbarella strikes out bold and saccharine. Uplifting viridian notes nestle close to tropical coconut and Jamaican rum. The whipped cream atop this sexy little crumpet is a tiny dash of pineapple.
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