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The Willow's Charm
The Willow's Charm

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Pixxxie Pie & Posie's Solid Perfumes & Colognes are a Victorian delight. Each aroma blend is meticulously forged with original recipes to be an act of seduction, beset with tender tendrils & nuanced layers ever eager to evolve against the warmth of your skin.
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An act of sweetest alchemy, these solid perfumes & colognes are a Victorian delight to the senses. Each aroma blend is meticulously forged to be an act of seduction, beset with tender tendrils & nuanced layers ever anxious to evolve against the warmth of your skin. For an added touch of sorcery, the solid perfume/cologne in this offering is held captive inside a romantic soapstone cylinder I like to call "The Willow's Charm".

♥-----About the potion: Handmade by mine own hands, natural & eco-friendly, my luxurious solid perfume/cologne blends are the bee's knees & don't let any charlatan or snake oil salesman tell you different. Scroll down to see full ingredient details below.

♥-----About the charm: 
"The Willow's Charm" is a dapper thing indeed; a lavish, hand carved, cylindrical soapstone jar that securely holds 1/3 oz of solid perfume/cologne finery. Sent to me by a friend in the far off lands of India, the stone vessels measure 1 1/4” x 1 1/2” high (32mm x 48mm high).

No two will be exactly the same and they have a lavish, marble-esque look about them that makes them a feast for the eyes. The colors of the jars can also differ a bit, with certain ones showing off speckles of pink, ebony, beige and green. 

♥-----Pixxxie Pie Public Service Announcement: Beware allowing -"The Willow's Charm"- to fall into careless hands. Goblin, troll and Vampire-kind have been known to find the bobble quite charming. By proxy, they also find those who carry it to be quite irresistible! Legend also tells that those that sleep with "The Willow's Charm" near them will be gifted with oddly prophetic dreams.

♥-----Not sure which aroma is right for you? Remember that Pixxxie Pie & Posie aroma blends have been organized into families to make finding your signature scent all the easier. Multiple views of the aroma family trees can be seen via the category navigation bar and a handy Aroma Family Quick Reference tab above is also here to help! So pick your signature scent from the drop down menu and get a little closer to nature - a few slices of Pixxxie Pie at a time!
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