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The King's Ransom Collection
The King's Ransom Collection

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An act of sweetest alchemy, Pixxxie Pie perfumes & colognes are a delight to the senses. Each aroma blend is meticulously forged to be an act of seduction, beset with tender tendrils & nuanced layers ever anxious to evolve against the warmth of your skin. Scroll down the page to see all the details!
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Pixxxie Pie & Posie Presents The King's Ransom Collection. This vibrant collection is composed of 6 vials of semi-precious wonder conjured from exotic Frankincense, Ambers & Myrrh! These warm resins were held as sacred in years gone by for all manner of purposes, and once upon a time they were considered to be worth their weight in gold. Timelessly alluring and helplessly sexy, the blends here are deeply resinous, complex and captivating. 

Wrapped lovingly in 2 old world parchment envelopes, you will receive the following 6 aromas blends.

-----The Ether - (primary notes: ginger, amber, thyme)
Ether is playful, uplifting and delicately earthy. The overall bouquet is warm and subtly green, balanced with zesty notes of genuine wild ginger and golden amber.

——Dark Willow - (primary notes: patchouli, cedar, amber)
Dark Willow is bold, grounding, and persistently woody the way a Patchouli based perfume is meant to be. The scent presents an unmistakable spiciness simmering with an almost vanilla-esque smoothness. Exotic, full-bodied, darkly sweet and balsamic, its decadent edges are polished by hints of aged cedarwoods and fossilized amber resins.

—–The Arcana – (primary notes: bergamot, lavender, myrrh)
The Arcana is a unique blend that’s vibrant, exotic and mildly sweet. Comforting, very subtly floral undertones are flanked by the intense greenness of true Lavender and the resinous base notes that emanate from sultry Myrrh.

—–Barbaroi – (primary notes: frankincense and sandalwood)
Barbaroi is rich, spicy and exotic wonder-stuff. Boldly balsamic, the aroma is earthy, dark-woodsy and warm like a perfume from ancient times. Golden notes of Frankincense entangle with rare Sandalwood & a voluptuous scent full of fiery sensuality and depth is born.

—–Rasputina – (primary notes: davana, benzoin resin and fresh baked honey cakes)
Rasputina is a quirky little strumpet from a time gone by or perhaps she hails from a dimension parallel. All wrapped in chamber music, striped bloomers and wild magic, the aroma is intensely warm, richly layered, vibrant and grounding. The scent drips an old-world sweetness and charm speckled with spiced rum nightcaps, warm cakes cooling next to bright candles, rolled parchment, forbidden liaisons, tight corsets and handmade lace.

—–The Blade Runner – (primary notes: angelica root, opopanax and musk)
The Blade Runner is rich, exotic, mildly woody and beautifully complex. Angelica Root, also known as “The Oil of Angels” imparts this aroma with it’s intense and intricate heart. Twining about that unique heart of gold are tendrils of musk and unlikely resins.
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