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Here's a look at the 9 individual families that Pixxxie Pie & Posie aroma blends belong to. Different breakdowns of the aroma families (with applicable aromas listed beneath) can be seen by taking a look at the "Aroma Family Tree" subcategories that show up below the "Aroma Families" category. By popular demand, a variety of layouts have been designed to make finding your signature scent a snap!

My Devil’s Heart

Personality: Deeply woody, bold, fiery and musky, My Devil’s Heart is sewn of leather, suede and rare resins. Balsamic, smoky, exotic, primal, shamelessly sensual and complex, these aromas are conjured forth from ancient times and parallel dimensions. Perfect for those that love heady aroma blends, all those that dwell within My Devil's Heart are unique and uninhibited.

The Secret Garden

Personality: Here be the flower maidens, spriteling garden girls with blossoms crushed to blushing cheeks and woven into hair.

Greenwoods and Vine

Personality: These natural perfume and cologne oils are reminiscent of strange forests filled with alien flowers, mosses slinking up the walls of old temples. Robed in creeping vines & deep green-muskiness, this velvet underground beckons you.

White Frost On Filigree

Personality: Here are the members of the frozen winter forests, water nymphs and wildling rainforests, sunlit lily ponds alive with croaking things, white tea with Mad Hatters, fresh rainstorms and the dreamy mists they like to leave behind. Herbaceous, mildly floral undertones glimmer out clean & ozonic.

Absinthe Sugar

Personality: These are the members of the noble Absinthe Family. A great choice for connoisseurs of the Green Fairy, Old-Fashioned Black Licorice and exotic Star Anise, these two are Siamese twins and each one has a distinct personality.

The Turkish Delights

Personality: Fabulously fresh and mayhaps a dash dastardly in it’s occasional fruitiness, the Turkish Delight family of aromas is sweet in all the right ways. Balanced effortlessly with fantastic chords of green and a light dusting of powered sugar, this bunch shows a rare mix of youth tempered in wisdom.

Of Springtime & Voodoo

Personality: Here are the Citrus Types: derived from the bitter orange tree and similar variants, the aromas here are vibrant with delicate, floral undertones.  These work great for those that are fond of Ylang Ylang, Blood Oranges and Jasmine. Like the joy of sipping fresh lemonade on a porch in Summertime, this coven is refreshing, uplifting and bright.

The Orient Express

Personality: Richly layered, the aromas beneath the roof of the Orient Express are woven with a mix of fine spices, rare chocolate, roasted java, golden honey and other prized components from far off lands.

The Victorian Apothecary

Personality: This candle lit backroom of an old-world apothecary shop is strictly for the adults.  Have a sit down on the velvet settee and get comfy. Pull up the hookah and rest a spell and Mr. Wormwood will take care of all your needs. Terribly handsome with eyes like the Devil, he’s well known for making the best sasparilla in the Northern Hemisphere. He also specializes in debauchery, caramels, odd magic, spiced rum, renegade medicinals and sweet cakes. No one leaves the parlor disappointed and they always come back for more.