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the hourglass necklace in golden tones - 14k gold plated semi precious wonderment
Golden Hourglass Necklace

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The Hourglass Necklace in Golden Tones With Pale Sands...This treasure shows off a unique charm and an otherworldly grace. The perfect gift to give yourself or that quirky-special someone in your life, this lavish necklace is ready to become a much-loved keepsake and storied heirloom just in time for a special occasion near you.

Fashioned with love and special care from a time bygone, this lavish little charm is known to ward off all manner of night creatures and can also warp space-time if one isn't careful; so keep it close on moonlit nights and be sure not to allow it to fall into the wrong hands=)

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Description Forget-Me-Nots

A member of Pixxxie Pie & Posie's collection of jewelry featuring
hourglass pendants and such, this the 14k gold-plated wonder is an ultra-dramatic treasure that's just perfect for all manner of
quirky strumpet.

Strangely romantic & unique, this creation shows off a beauty all it's own. This hourglass necklace is a lovely thing to behold: Spangled in stars, this little treasure works for both casual and formal wear. Fashioned with love and special care from a time bygone, this lavish little charm is known to ward off all manner of night creatures and can also warp space-time if one isn't careful; so keep it close on moonlit nights and be sure not to allow it to fall into the wrong hands=)

♥-------Chain Options:
-18.5 Inch (approx) Golden Brass Chain
-30 Inch
(approx) Golden Brass Chain
-18.5 Inch (approx) Rosary style, crystal bead accented brass chain.
-18.5 Inch (approx) Faux pearl bead accented brass chain.


Sand does move back and forth through the hourglass and parts also rotate about. Necklace is sent to you with a lovely drawstring keepsake bag.
--Pendant size is approx. 1.75 inches in diameter no matter the length of the chain.
--Pendant is fabricated of stainless steel w/14 carat gold plating.
--Chain is made w/polished brass w/14 carat gold plating.
--The measurements are for the total length of the two chains attached to the pendant centerpiece. For instance, if you pick the 18.5 inch chain, each length of chain attached to the hourglass pendant will be approximately 9.25 inches long.
--All Pixxxie Pie & Posie Jewelry is free from lead, nickle or other harmful components.
--Rosary-Style, Crystal Bead Accented Chain Option Now Available! Clear crystal beads are accented with brass connecting chain to lavish effect.
--Faux Pearl Bead Accented Chain Option Now Available! White faux pearl beads are accented with brass connecting chain to breath-taking effect.
--SAND COLOR: Sand color can vary from white to "natural sand off-white/khaki".

♥-------IMPORTANT: Due to the fabrication process, some of my hourglass pendants have a wonderfully rustic look about them. Please look at images closely. If you require more images of different angles then feel free to ask. Please note that this isn't meant to be an exact duplicate of the highly detailed prop necklace seen in the Harry Potter films.

If you require an exact, film-prop caliber duplicate of precious metal, with custom engraving & such, then please consider finding an official Harry Potter website to purchase from... or inquire with any of the many talented metal-smiths on Etsy. You'll definitely spend more than $30+, but you'll receive something that's more in line with your expectations.

♥-------OLD-WORLD VICTORIAN GIFT-WRAPPING: Product will come to you in gift-style trappings, packed w/ love and care w/ moss/petal mixture. If you don't like moss/petals, just say so & your order will be packed with extra packing paper instead. Necklaces are shipped in a protective plastic bag to keep the necklace chains from tangling & prevent scratching of the pendant. If you don't like the gift/tissue paper used or the plastic protective bag then remove these touches & repack as you see fit for gift-giving. Most product labels & such are produced in-house & are completely composed of recyclable parchment paper. Pixxxie Pie believes in sustainability so... Peel off labels & keep tags to tuck away as keepsakes or bookmarks! And please consider up-cycling/re-purposing or recycling your packing material & the cardboard gift box that the jewelry is sent in=)

Cardboard gift box may differ from the one pictured depending on available stock.

♥-------CARE & KEEPING: I have had no complaints regarding the hourglass pendant changing colors/turning green, etc. However, do keep in mind if you have a tendency to wear the necklace everyday/all day/all night, submerge it in water or leave on while you work out (exposing the chain to sweat), or while you swim or shower, the "bright golden" tone of the chain will begin to dull over time. Those who wear the necklace more sparingly don't have this problem.

♥-------SHIPPING: Orders shipped in the USA are sent via USPS Priority Mail for super fast shipping with a handy tracking number that gets emailed to you through Paypal and USPS.com. Orders for international clients also ship via USPS with a customs tracking number. This business is a one-woman-show...so all orders ship out within 3-7 business days of payment receipt. Please send email or leave a note if you need your order shipped out by a specific date for a birthday or similar special occasion and I'll be happy to oblige.

♥-------COPYRIGHT JAZZ: Products/Photos/Label Design © Pixxxie Pie & Posie. The Pixxxie Pie proprietress takes all product pictures and writes all ad copy. You don't need my permission to blog about my products or use a photo in a blog article. I only ask that you refrain from any attempts to print my images with intent sell them. Fair enough, right=)

♥-------What is written 'round the outer rings of the hourglass pendant:

I mark the hours, every one.
Nor have I yet outrun the sun.
My use and value unto you
are gauged by what you want to do.